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With the reconstruction of the dilapidated cinema in Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem in 2016, the history of our craft brewery Ogar (originally Kunčický Brewery) and brewery pub began to be written. What started as a hobby born out of boredom and a desire to learn something new has become over the years a wonderful place filled with the positive spirit of skilled professionals of professionals. Thanks to their precise work and artisanal approach, after five years of operation, Ogar offers beer that is appreciated not only by beer connoisseurs, but also by guests of renowned restaurants and customers of the largest Czech supermarket chains.

The right choice of ingredients for our beer is essential. But the top ingredients would be useless without the best technologies and procedures that make a quality beer a beer. That’s why we prepare our beer in a modern stainless steel mash vat, wort pan, decanting vat and a centrifugal vat. All with a volume of 10 hectoliters.

In order to keep our beer in the best possible shape before it reaches the pub and our customers, we have acquired a new CIP station and a keg washer with steaming. We have also recently overhauled all lager tanks and beer lines. Thanks to this, our customers can enjoy the beer in the same way as we do right here in our brewery.

Technical data of the Ogar brewery

Boiler10 hl
Total beer production (2021)2000 hl
Maturation capacity360 hl
Types of beer brewed (data as of 30/11/2023)77

B2B Cooperation

In addition to authentic beer, we try to offer our customers and their clients quality facilities for sales. The essential offer is, of course, beer with its regular deliveries. We offer four basic beer types (Jedenáctka (11°P), Dvanáctka (12°P), IPA, Honey Special), and a whole range of seasonal specials. We offer our beers in 1-liter plastic bottles, 0.75-liter and 0.5-liter glass bottles, 15-liter, 20-liter and 50-liter kegs. You can find the overview here.

To support sales, we offer to our wholesale and retail customers (supermarket chains, beer stores, merchants) labeled refrigerators necessary for the sale of our unpasteurized beers, and printed materials, including seasonal offers. For restaurants and pubs, including taps with alternating beers, we offer – in addition to the delivery – glasses and printed materials for sales support such as beer coasters, bar signs, business signs, posters and other printed materials.

We are happy to tap beer for the visitors of your event. We have our own refrigerated tap bars and 2 tents – everything you need so that people at festivals, celebrations and other events can have a good time and not die of thirst.

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