Craft beer from Beskydy Mountains

Water from the Beskydy Mountains, a careful selection of the highest quality Czech and international hops and malts together with a dedicated approach by young brewers who are not afraid to look for new ways towards craft beer lovers. That is the Ogar Brewery from the Beskydy Mountains.

Ogar's beers

Ogar’s Jedenáctka

Ogar’s Jedenáctka is a light lager that above all impresses with the character of the taste of the famous Viennese malts. Our brewers harmoniously added Czech hops to them, creating a unique combination of a full body and light bitterness. Water from the Beskydy Mountains then gives the beer an unmistakable freshness.

4.4 % Alcohol
11 % EPM
10.5 EBC
28 IBU

Ogar’s Semi-Dark Desítka

For our semi-dark Desítka of amber color, our brewers used caramel and Munich malts, which gives it its color and, above all, creates its full body.

3.8 % Alcohol
10 % EPM
22 EBC
30 IBU

Ogar’s Kazbek

Light lager cold-hopped with Kazbek hops.

The Czech variety of Kazbek hops is very pleasantly aromatic and thus lends the beer a uniquely delicate spicy bitterness with a floral-citrus aroma. We used it both for the brewhouse and for cold hopping. You can thus fully enjoy all its properties.

5.2 % Alcohol
12 % EPM
37 IBU

Ogar’s India Pale Ale

Ogar’s India Pale Ale was created by combining four types of hops, selected by our brewers. Thanks to cold hopping, the IPA attracts attention mainly with the taste and aroma of citrus fruits. This is also why our IPA type of beer has a distinct bitterness and a refreshing character.

6.3 % Alcohol
14 % EPM
12.5 EBC
45 IBU

Brewery history

With the reconstruction of the dilapidated cinema in Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem in 2016, the history of our craft brewery Ogar (originally Kunčický Brewery) and brewery pub began to be written. What started as a hobby born out of boredom and a desire to learn something new has become over the years a wonderful place filled with the positive spirit of skilled professionals.

Thanks to their precise work and artisanal approach, after five years of operation, Ogar offers beer that is appreciated not only by beer connoisseurs, but also by guests of renowned restaurants and customers of the largest Czech supermarket chains.